Our projects

What makes our lives truly full and exciting? Creativity. Interaction. Freedom. Cooperation. Good for the society. Amazingly how all this is given to us through the participation in Opensource Development. We highly appreciate this phenomenon and find any contribution to it to be useful and stimulative. Below there is a list of our most successful projects in the field. To find more about these and the rest of our Opensource projects just visit our GitHub page.

Ruby gem: Russian Metaphone

This gem provides an implementation of 'Metaphone' phonetic algorithm adapted for Russian language (see details on Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaphone). The algorithm can be used to find words that sound similar - first and last names, kid gibberish and so on. Check it out on Github!

see more at https://github.com/cleverua/russian_metaphone

Android Multipart POST library

Need to post an image to a server? Or just send a plain POST request in a snap? This simple framework is to help. You just have to set up request parameters (either string or binary) and call 'send'!

see more at https://github.com/cleverua/android_multipart_post

Blackberry Wizard

A framework for Blackberry to ease of wizard-like screens and forms implementation. You just have to provide screens to the wizard and it will take care of the rest - a proper navigation and rendering.

see more at https://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_wizard

Background Tasks Framework for Android

Congrats, my friends! A true must-have for Android development has been finally rolled out - now we can easily and safely run long background tasks under progress popups in the same way we used to do it on other mobile platforms.

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/android_background_tasks_framework

Android StartupActivity

A custom StartupActivity to workaround a known Android issue with two application instances. The issue has been tracked here and here.

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/android_startup_activity

Custom DateTimePickerDialog for Android

A custom AlertDialog to pick both Date and Time at once for Android development.

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/android_date_time_picker_dialog

NSURLRequest Builder for iPhone

A framework that simplifies creation of GET and MULTIPART POST requests and sending files to a web server.

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/iphone_url_request_builder

Labeled Activity Indicator component for iPhone

An extension to the native iOS UIActivityIndicatorView that allows to add a text label to it. That makes the new component be perfect for long operation notifications.

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/iphone_labeled_activity_indicator

Client time zone detection plugin for Ruby on Rails

A rails gem aimed to simplify user timezone detection. it gets the TZ information from user browser and applies it in controller. rails3 ready!

see more at http://github.com/cleverua/client_timezone_detection

Blackberry Network Utilities

A set of useful networking utilities. They provide methods for checking of the network accessibility, retrieving of the connection for different types of transport. Supported network types are MDS, WAP2, WIFI, DIRECT_TCP, UNITE. Transports class also remembers the last successful transport for optimization.

See more at http://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_network_utils

Android camera activity

An approach of how a third party Android application can take images using the native Camera application on Android platfotm.

See more at http://github.com/cleverua/android_camera_activity

Application Configuration plugin for Ruby On Rails

A Ruby On Rails plugin that eases project configuring by introducing erb enabled yaml config file in RAILS_ROOT/config folder and provides handful methods accessing config values based on current rails environment. Rails3 ready!

See more at http://github.com/cleverua/application_config

Custom User Interface fields for Blackberry

Collection of custom user interface fields with slick backgrounds and borders available for re-use. A sample application is included.

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_custom_fields

Best Thumbnail Detector

Do you have a bunch of thumbnails extracted out of a movie and you'd like to find out which one looks best comparing to others? All you need is to leverage the Best Thumbnail ruby gem!

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/best_thumbnail

Image Browser Component for Blackberry

Custom ImageBrowser component for Java BlackBerry development. It allows render images in a "mosaic"-like view.

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_image_browser

"Lock File" Ruby Gem

This Ruby gem helps to manage processes in your application so that new process won’t start while the previous one is still running. It uses so known 'lock file' approach to figure out whether a process is running or not.

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/lockfile

Collection of various utilities for Blackberry

This is a bunch of useful utilities for Java BlackBerry development - StringUtils, MathUtils, FontUtils, IOUtils, ImageUtils, Logger, SoftwareVersionUtils etc.

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_utils

Blackberry Application Configuration framework

An application settings framework for BlackBerry, simplifies the task we code over and over again on every project we work on.

See more at  http://github.com/cleverua/blackberry_app_settings